About us

Timac Agro UK

Timac Agro United Kingdom is a specialist in plant and animal nutrition with extensive expertise in crop nutrition, soil conditioning and fertiliser efficiency, offering a specific range of fertilisers adapted to local soils and farmers' needs.

As a Roullier Group subsidiary, in its traditional business of Agro- Supplies, Timac Agro United Kingdom provides its customers with products that meet the highest international quality and safety standards. Our fertiliser efficiency technologies are revolutionary in the market and enable growers to optimise their fertiliser investment, while at the same time improving their environmental stewardship practices.    

Our technologies are proven not only in our own laboratories, but in field trials all around the world with prominent growers and through university research as well, in order for individual growers to be confident in the efficiency of our products.

Our strength is to benefit from the experiences of 50 countries around the globe, transferring R&D into success.

Timac Agro United Kingdom has a strong team of Crop Nutritionists, working in partnership with agricultural distribution, who provide advice and monitoring services to farmers in order for them to improve performance, maximise outputs, and thus meet their specific needs.

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