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Daniel Roullier: "Human nutrition is relatively simple - plant nutrition, on the other hand, is highly complex. Since 1959, we've been working successfully to provide industry solutions bolstered by constant innovation. Faced with the challenges of anticipating future farming methods and requirements, we decided to create this Global Centre."


Groupe Roullier established its Global Innovation Centre just a stone's throw from its historic factory in Saint-Malo (Brittany, France). The 8,000m² facility (with 5,000m² devoted to R&D) demonstrates the scale of the Group's ambition: to maintain its market leadership in the Plant Nutrition sector, while also rising to become a major and unique operator in Animal Nutrition and Welfare.


In order to accelerate innovation and speed up the achievement of these goals, the Global Innovation Centre undertakes R&D in a wide variety of fields, including marketing, regulatory affairs and product certification. A hub for skills and expertise, the type of synergy encouraged by this geographical proximity allows our international and multidisciplinary teams (representing over 20 nationalities) to respond to the specific needs of all our global landscapes and the types of crops grown there.

A unique research Centre

National and international researchers at our Plant Nutrition and Animal Nutrition and Welfare laboratories are constantly working to perfect the specific characteristics of each product, which is what makes Groupe Roullier such a unique and trusted operator in these sectors.

  • 800 m² of greenhouses, including a phenotyping facility that is unique in the world of private fertilization research, developed in collaboration with the INRA (the French National Institute for Agricultural Research), as well as state-of-the-art tools allowing our researchers to explore all possible scenarios.
  • Two analysis laboratories work to support the two key research areas, one of which specialises in physicochemical analysis, in order to ensure unparalleled quality and traceability. The hygiene and microbiology laboratory (approved by the French Ministry of Research) carries out anti-microbial effectiveness testing, as well as microbiological and sanitary monitoring.

As a result, Groupe Roullier's Global Innovation Centre, with its exceptional facilities and human expertise, enables researchers to provide tailored and innovative solutions for the agricultural challenges of tomorrow, all while respecting the needs of plants, animals and the soil they are raised on.

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